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MONDAY MORNING PAINTING - 4 Week Sessions through April

Insructor: David Lussier
When: Join a four week session at anytime. 
What: Four Week Studio Sessions
Where: Suite 467, Upper Mill, Salmon Falls Studios
Time: 10:00 - 1:00 PM
Cost: $175 per 4 week session
Skill Level: All
Medium: Your Choice. Demos are in Oil
Set Ups Available? YES - Cost: $50 per day
Reference Photos Available? Provided by instructor

At the start of each class I will demonstrate my step by step approach to painting. I will show you how I simplify my subject matter, in order to say more with less. I will discuss my palette, the how's and why's' of my chosen composition and give you my thoughts and methods for blocking in and painting the biggest shapes first. Then I will work towards smaller shapes and adding suggested detail in order to satisfy the viewer. I will emphasize important plein air concepts for interpreting  a photo in order to infuse it with the feeling of outdoor light and atmosphere. I will be demonstrating the direct method of alla prima (all in one go). Then I will help you to paint in this manner in order to gain speed and confidence and to get expressive brushwork and a feeling of spontaneity in your work. 

The link to our supply list below is only a suggested list. If you have a palette of colors, a medium and a supply of brushes that is working for you, then by all means, you are welcome to bring what you like. I do highly recommend a warm and cool tube each of Red, Yellow and Blue. 

Suggested Supply List (CLICK HERE)
Contact: David Lussier to register (860) 338-3226