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private instruction

Because of a busy painting schedule, I am not currently scheduling ongoing studio classes. Instead, I am offering private plein air instruction to a few painters who want to seriously take their painting skills to the next level.  If this is you, please contact me for further details by clicking here. My 4 week online color class is also still available. (See below.)


  • Complementary Color Palettes Using A Dominant Color

  • Color Harmony Palette


This class will give you one on one guidance learning how to use David's 'Color Harmony Palette'. You will learn how to simplify your color choices in order to achieve beautiful color harmony in your paintings. David will give you personal guidance and advice, along with in depth critiques of your work. This is a four week class with room built in for your busy schedule. The four sessions can be done over the course of four weeks in a row or you can break the sessions up as needed. The cost is $200


If you are interested in more information, please contact David at 860-338-3226. If you have signed up for the Complementary Color Palette Class you can access the private page by clicking here. Then enter the password that you were assigned in order to open the page. Click here to access the Color Harmony Palette notes.