David Lussier Workshops & Indoor Studio Classes

Suggested Supply List


We use Rembrandt Oil paint except where noted. 

Rembrandt Titanium White in Linseed Oil, 150 ml tube
Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Titanium White, 200 ml tube
Winsor & Newton Liquin Impasto, 200 ml tube
Rembrandt Permanent Madder Deep
Rembrandt Permanent Red Light
Rembrandt Cadmium Yellow Light
Rembrandt Viridian Green
Rembrandt Ultramarine Blue Deep
Optional colors: Rembrandt Cad Red Deep, Rembrandt Venetian Red and Rembrandt Burnt Umber


Robert Simmons Signet Series 42 Filberts in even sizes 2, 4, 6 & 8
Robert Simmons Signet Series 40 Brights, Sizes 4 & 6
Robert Simmons Sienna SNSO Script, Size 6
Robert Simmons Titanium Filberts, Sizes 2, 4, 6 & 8


Palette Knife-Creative Mark Painters Edge, Style 3T
Paper Towels-Bounty
Gamsol or other Odorless Mineral Spirits OMS. No pure turpentine either as a brush cleaner or in painting mediums.
Painting Medium - Made with 2 parts Gamsol to 1 part each of Stand Oil & Damar Varnish. 
Brush Washer
Medium Cup
Trash Bags
Canvas - Day 1 - Three to four inexpensive 8x10 panels for exploring several ideas. Centurion linen panels are recommended.
Canvas - Day 2 - Please bring a panel or canvas ranging from 11x14 to 16x20 in size. Alkyd Primed 359 or A600 Linen from Wind River Arts is recommended
Sketch book and materials for drawing thumbnails and writing down ideas.
Outdoor Easel


Alla Prima Pochade Boxes
Cheap Joes Art Stuff