We will be painting in and around the rustic village where artists have been finding inspiration for decades. This tiny island also boasts some of the highest cliffs in Maine and with 12 miles of trails, Monhegan is also a great place for hiking. There are no vehicles allowed on Monhegan and everywhere you need to go is just a short walk away. Treat yourself to a wonderful experience of painting on this island that time forgot.

We will meet at a designated painting spot each morning between 8:45 and 9:00 and I will lecture and demo from 9:00 to 11:00-11:30. Then we will break for lunch and afterwards I will work with each student on their individual paintings. We end at 4:00 each day. On the third day students will work on their own paintings and we will have a critique at the end of the day for students who wish to participate. You can either show your work or choose to just listen to my thoughts about each piece that gets submitted for the critique. It's a positive experience but I do make suggestions on how to strengthen and complete each painting. We will wrap up the critique and workshop between 4:45 and 5:15. 

When I demo, I will be showing you how I simplify my subject matter. I will discuss my palette, the how's and why's' of my chosen composition and give you my thoughts and methods for blocking in and painting the biggest shapes first, working towards smaller shapes and then suggesting detail in order to satisfy the viewer. I will be demonstrating the direct method of alla prima (all in one go). Then I will help you to paint in this manner in order to gain speed and confidence and to get expressive brushwork and a feeling of spontaneity in your work. 

I will let students know where in the village we will be painting, prior to each day. You are welcome and encouraged to arrive and paint prior to the start of each workshop day and also to paint beyond the end of class each day.