Painting Is Our Passion


The Vaughn House Monhegan, oil on linen by David Lussier

David A Lussier

"I am a painter in the purist sense of the word and my vision for my subject is truthful and from the heart. There is a dialogue that takes place between myself and my subject matter as I apply paint to canvas. I believe that by painting a thing as simply as possible, you can get to the spirit of it, and then subject and artist reveal themselves to each other. When I feel satisfied, I put the brushes down and hope that the viewer will feel satisfied too."

The Yellow House, oil on linen by Pamela M Lussier

Pamela M Lussier

"In my work I wish to give to my viewer a feeling of calmness and healing in these turbulent times. A strong abstract pattern provides a feeling of inner strength, so the viewer will sense a strong overall force holding this world together. I also strive to a sense of place in my natural subject, as well as a certain quality in my narrative paintings, that gives the viewer a sense that every individual life matters."

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Plein Air Workshops!

We teach painting workshops in New England and along the Eastern Seaboard throughout the year. Our Annual Monhegan Island Workshop is going on its 20th year. (Read more)


Our Summer Gallery Season!

From May through October our work is showcased in Perkins Cove at the Todd Bonita Gallery. We help manage it and you'll find us painting around the cove all season. (Read more)

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Official U. S. Open Golf Merchandise!

David is also an official U. S. Open painter for the United States Golf Association. Visit his site dedicated to Fine Golf Landscapes. (Read more)