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Plein Air Painting In Naples Florida

The format will be similar to our basic 3 day workshop schedule. Click Here.

Learn invaluable tools and how to tackle Alla Prima painting with confidence. The term Alla Prima means 'At One Go'. In his remarkable treatise 'In Praise Of Painterly Painters', the late artist, author and teacher, Charles Movalli wrote; painterly painters are surrounded by seeming contradictions.They finish by not finishing, include by leaving out, paint more by painting less. Their means are easy to see, the results, immediately felt. But how such seemingly insufficient means lead to these results is a mystery. 

In this three-day workshop, let us take the mystery out of this painterly approach. Economy of stroke is within every painters grasp if they are willing to approach the painting process with a 'Less Is More' mind set. More than half the battle is a willingness to load the brush with enough paint and make each stroke count for something. Over the three days, we will strive for this. 

On day one, we will employ the use of just value and shapes. Think of this process like learning to juggle. First we learn by juggling with only two balls, Value and Shapes. I will demo in 5 values with large premixed piles of Burnt Umber and White. There will be enough piles of premixed paint left over for everyone to use for the day.

Each student will then work on their own painting and be asked to use up all the paint they are given. Good brushwork happens when oil paint is 'built up' on top of oil paint and this lesson will help you fully understand the importance of good brushwork and how to apply paint convincingly. Sunlight is represented best by thick impasto passages and these passages help the viewer to literally feel the sunlight.

On day two and three, we will use color, and with my help, each student will first mix up a few large piles of basic color and value shapes that pertain to their individual painting. Then you will employ the same method of painting from day one.

We will paint in the Naples Botanical Garden on Day Three. This is a 170-acre world-class garden paradise. Pam and I will both demo simultaneously on this day. Our ‘Dueling Demo’ is a great way to see similar methods being employed, but with slightly different approaches toward individual style.
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Location: Naples Florida

Time: 9:00 - 4:00 each day

Cost: $400  Class  size is limited to 12 students. To register send a deposit check for the amount of $200 to:

David Lussier, 80 Olde Mill Rd. Apt 10, Somersworth, NH 03878

Suggested Supply List - CLICK HERE