Oh So Many Hats

As much as long hours spent behind the easel is an exciting part of being an artist, it's both rewarding and necessary to find joy in all the other different tasks that make a big part of the actual business of being an artist. You have to be willing to wear a lot of different hats.

Over the last four weeks, I have spent long hours in the studio painting to replace sold paintings at galleries and also for a gallery group-show that is coming up quickly.
After being painted, all the new pieces are signed and then they get a title and a list is made. Then one by one they are wired and framed and then carefully packed into several boxes and shipped to galleries. Each task is very time consuming, but it's all just part of another day at the office.

I am excited about the group show. The Laffer Gallery is in upstate New York in Schuylerville. I sent Erik Laffer 17 paintings. The show, 'Common Beauty' is opening on Saturday September 22nd and goes through October 21st.

I've also spent many days recently wearing the web masters hat and I'm happy to report that our website has been revamped somewhat. Pam and I now have our own separate gallery pages, where before they were combined. Our paintings can be viewed easier and can also be purchased right online. We've been asked about this by numerous gallery visitors, as the trend of buying art directly from an artists website is growing all the time. We live in exciting times.

I'm looking forward to going to New York for the show opening with Pam. She wears a lot of different hats too and she's been doing a great job of taking care of things at the gallery during the busy summer season. It will be nice to drive up to the gallery together and both get a chance to wear the 'Artist at the Opening Reception' hat.